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Wills/Probate and Estates

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Emerson & Conway consider correct estate planning to be an essential responsibility of all individuals. As part of our will drafting service, we will talk you through a considered analysis of your assets, your family situation and your responsibilities, rights and duties as a testator. We will endeavour to provide you with a will that accurately reflects your wishes and also functions with maximum tax efficiency.

Emerson & Conway have acted where wills are in place and also where no will was left by the deceased. Clients can rely on us to be professional, sensitive and accurate in delivering advice and working for you at what is always a difficult time for those left behind. Where disputes arise, we shall advise on the best course of action for aggrieved individuals or for the estate.

In certain circumstances it may be appropriate for a client to prepare an Enduring Power of Attorney. Such instruments can be essential where there are concerns relating to progressive illnesses, dementia or even advancing age. An Enduring Power of Attorney allows a nominated individual; usually a family member or members, take over the management of a person’s affairs in circumstances whereby that person may no longer have the capacity to look after themselves. An Enduring Power of Attorney must be prepared in advance of such developments and it is vital to be well advised when considering executing such an instrument.

If you require Probate assistance or if you wish to seek advice in relation to Succession Planning or making a Will, please contact Emerson & Conway Solicitors.